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Tax Professional Midtown, GA

Are you looking for IRS tax professionals in Midtown GA? Are you unsure about your IRS obligations in Georgia? F. Stephen Lambert PC can assist with all your federal and state income tax requirements.

Our tax professionals in Midtown GA perform several tasks. They review and assess all tax-related documents. They also facilitate rapid electronic filing. Another service they provide is consultation on state and federal tax, as well as filing state and federal tax returns.

Our tax professionals also provide these services in Princeton Lake, Buckhead, Conley, Mountain View, Embry Hills, Doraville, and Scottdale. We also provide income tax services in all of the aforementioned regions.

Three types of income tax are collected in the United States of America; federal income tax, state income tax, and local government income tax.


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IRS Tax Professionals

Tax professionals are not all equal. If you are looking for a tax professional in Midtown GA, then you should find one who has an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). According to the federal government, only tax professionals with this unique number can file federal tax returns.

However, not everyone with this identification number is an expert. Tax professionals are usually categorized by the level of representation rights they have. A tax professional with unlimited representation rights can advise clients on any IRS or tax matters in Georgia.

Georgia IRS

The Georgia IRS website has all the information you may need on tax in the state of Georgia. Even so, a tax professional in Midtown, GA will certainly be useful to you. This is because information pertaining to tax can be very complex. In fact, this is why there is a whole industry of people like us that have mastered tax and become experts at it. Consequently, we can offer our advice to you and save you the hassle of learning such complex concepts.

D you need personal or commercial tax advice and services? F. Stephen Lambert, PC is the company for you. Reach out to us at (470) 545-1060 to organize a one-on-one meeting.

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